1. Urdggrunes

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  2. Y

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    Hello my friends
  3. –•™_Z_e_u_s_™•–

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  4. 6

    new here

    hello frind
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  8. tabash

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  9. A

    Please can someone tell how can i use the cc from this website please !! ^-^

    pleéase tell me in comment i will be happy thanks
  10. –•™_Z_e_u_s_™•–

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  11. L

    i need card pls

    hi ,i need card pls
  12. –•™_Z_e_u_s_™•–

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  13. jd4

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  14. BlackPolarD

    Hello again!

    Hello, I lost my old account so i'll use this to post cc's again After 2 years, i'm back!
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