1. Blackflame978


    Hello , im the new guy
  2. X

    Hello there

    I'm trying to learn some stuff, and use some free stuffs :)
  3. Tazzy101


    Hiii Im a Female Newbie From Canada... I'm A Carder & Recently Got Into "Profiles" & Stuffss But Would Like To Just Say Hi And Would Be Cool To Work With Someone Who Can Learn Off Me And Someone I Can Learn Off Of... I Do Have a BF So Not Looking LOL Strictly Business And Friends :)
  4. B

    New Member

    Hi, I am new to this scene and any help would be deeply appreciated.
  5. K

    Hi, I'm Kingold

    Hi, I'm Kingold from Dominican Republic. I'm very newbie in this world so I'll appreciate if someone help me to involve into this. I'm not a good english speaker but I'll try to write the most clear as possible. Thanks for you time. Dude!
  6. H

    NewBie 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Hi to everyone
  7. T

    Hey Carders

    Hey carders, im new , any good tips are welcome. Ta BRos
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