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  2. V

    Can Someone Help Me Get Started ?

    hey im looking to get into virtual carding I think its called, I just want to get a few items, could someone add me on discord or telegram to help with this? discord: Trayvon Martin#8523 telegram:Void5566
  3. tabash

    CreditCard ?✅✅ Visa Scam Page✅✅ ⏭By SaD Joker & T@b@sH ⏮ - For Sell ! - 3.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    ?✅✅ Visa Scam Page✅✅ ⏭By SaD Joker & T@b@sH ⏮ Price :35$ Payment method / BTC - Only ! - you can contact me here : Or Features :- [+] New advanced Captcha with LTI word detect ( easy controle to turn on or off ) [+] good scama with...
  4. D


    well, im an old user from old altenen (2015) im back
  5. I


  6. thecabit


    I introduce myself I am a freelance developer, currently my intention in this forum is to buy netflix accounts at a good price.
  7. M

    new one

    hello i m new here nice to meet you all
  8. annaligraped

    Notice ~Screams into the thread and punches self in face~ I LIEK MONEY!!! I CAN DO STUFF!! lol

    Sorry about that, Down to brass tacks, the nitty gritty, the...Whatever. I am here offering my services in Drop/Resale, Drop/Ship, Transfers, Running errands, Petting your dog for an uncomfortable amount of time, Loading, Unloading. Basically whatever you need i got you and i have like 10 aged...
  9. F


    new in the community any free ccs or dumps are greately appreciated
  10. A

    I don't know to use this page :(

    I'm new xd
  11. G

    Any Other Good Vpns?

    Been experiencing with different vpns lately (none free) beside nord vpn is there any other good vpns out there?
  12. C

    New one

    Hello every one
  13. H

    I'm Thear For Learning something new!

    Hei, I'm dev. I'm hear to learn something new. I hope you will help me to find out latest tech.
  14. Y


    Hi to everyone
  15. V


  16. Z

    Anyone from Denmark? i want help with carding!

    Hello everyone seen this! I am from Denmark, and i want some help with carding, its not the same as carding in USA etc etc...
  17. M

    hello comunity

    hello people, i'm learning carding, but i am going to more very more about this carding
  18. BlackPolarD

    Hello again!

    Hello, I lost my old account so i'll use this to post cc's again After 2 years, i'm back!
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