1. jd4

    Tutorial ★★★★★-HOW TO GET FREE SPOTIFY GIFT CARD!-★★★★★ 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    That may be useless since Spotify is easy to crack but a gift card is better than a cracked account You will need: Photo for the card ( doesn't matter if it was only the front ) Receipt ( you can use amazon fake receipt ) How to do it?: Go on support and contact them ( Click here ) Say...
  2. M4sterC4rder

    G2A giftcards method / Sell giftcards for BTC 4.00 star(s) 6 Votes

    New method to get $50 or $100 Giftcards for FREE, that works for: - Amazon Giftcards - Steam Giftcards - PSN Giftcards - iTunes Giftcards These giftcards can be used to buy things from Amazon / Steam etc. but you can also sell them instantly for Bitcoin through sites like to earn...
  3. A

    Notice Help

    Beginner carder a little bit down on my luck, if possible can you leave any ICQ/telegram contacts or groups that could possibly provide some help. ICQ: 746874210 Telegram: dkid100
  4. daisuke8585

    Steam giftcard (and this shit is WORKINGGG !!)

    Have a free giftcard method (steam,amazon,itunes etc) giving in exchange of 40% of your first cashout , contact me on icq : 707696793 Proof : imgur .com /a/j1KamPK
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